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Pray for the residents

Pray that the residents will experience the love of God and his healing from the effects of long isolation. May sadness, despair and depression lift and their hearts be filled with joy and hope. We pray that they would be kept safe and well and have a greater freedom to go out and spend time with their loved ones.

Pray for the staff

Please pray for the recruitment of new staff to replace the many carers who have left the care sector during the pandemic, leaving the care homes very short staffed. May people step forward with a vocation to care. May staff feel valued as they continue in this demanding but important role.


Pray for the relatives

Please continue to pray for relatives. May they experience joy in being reunited with their loved ones. We pray for a time when they can come and go more freely and be able to support their loved ones and participate in their care once again

Pray for provision

Please pray that God will provide the volunteers and the finances necessary for The Gift of Years Rugby to continue our ministry in the care homes.

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