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About Us

We are a team of Christians from local churches who have been endorsed by Revive and commissioned by the churches to serve in residential care homes for older people. We aim to show the love of God through our pastoral and spiritual care of residents, relatives and staff.

The Gift of Years Rugby is affiliated to Anna Chaplaincy, which is part of the Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) a Registered Charity.

Our objectives
  • To provide for the spiritual care of residents, relatives and staff.

  • To be a non-judgmental, supportive, listening presence to people of all faiths and none, giving people time to share memories, stories and faith journeys.

  • To help people find purpose, meaning and growth in life and death.

  • To work with the local churches to enable worship and sacramental ministry.

  • To share best practice, creative ideas and resources.

Our Team


Rev. Andy Hardwick

Methodist Superintendent Minister of the Rugby and Daventry Circuit. Andy has been instrumental in establishing The Gift of Years Rugby from the beginning. He chairs the Steering Group responsible for the management of the project.


Lindsay Pelloquin

Lead Chaplain for The Gift of Years Rugby. Lindsay is responsible for building partnerships with the churches and the care homes to enable the provision of spiritual care for residents, relatives and staff. She recruits, trains and supervises volunteers and forms chaplaincy teams within the care homes.


Deacon Georgina Brooks

Methodist Minister at Paddox Methodist Church, Rugby. Georgina serves as a Gift of Years Chaplain and works with Lindsay in the training and supervision of volunteers.

Our Volunteer Team

Chaplains and Volunteers come from:

Paddox Methodist Church (Lead Church), Rugby Methodist Church, St. Marie’s RC Church, Sacred Heart RC Church, St. Andrews, St. Marks, St. Peters & St. Johns, Rugby Baptist Church, Dunchurch Baptist Church, Bilton Evangelical Church, The Terrace Evangelical Church.

The Steering Group

Rev. Andy Hardwick (Chair), Marie Thomas (Secretary), Andy Hawkins (Treasurer), Lindsay Pelloquin (Lead Chaplain), Deacon Georgina Brooks (Chaplain), Tracey Chambers & Meryl Lovatt (Grant applications)

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