Training of Chaplains and Volunteers

Course Content 

Session 1:

Exploring the meaning of life in a care home and what does the Church have to offer?


Session 2:

Listening to the story- the care home context and the events that have led to a person coming to live in a care home.


Session 3:

Understanding and working with people with disabilities.


Session 4:

Understanding and working with people with dementia.


Session 5:

Worshipping in a care home.


Session 6:

Pastoral care of older people


Session 7:

Part1: Spiritual Care at the End of Life

Part2: Keeping ourselves and others safe


 Session 8:

Getting started

Team Meetings


Chaplains and volunteers meet monthly for ongoing training, supervision, support, prayer and fellowship.

All our Chaplains and Volunteers undergo a training course over 8 evenings which runs every year. This year the course will be held on Thursday nights in September and October. This course prepares them to serve in care home environments with residents with complex needs and dementia.

For more information about our training courses and training materials and resources please contact us.